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What is TRiO?

Both the TRiO and TRiO Achievers program are located in the TRiO Student Support & Retention Services Department at Highline College.

Highline's TRiO Program (Federally Funded)

TRiO is a federally funded program that provides low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities the valuable support and services that will assist in student success and persistence towards graduation. TRiO serves to provide integrated academic services to foster student achievement and success. 

Services Provided: click here for more information

Highline's TRiO Achiever Program

The TRiO Achiever program is modeled after the original TRiO program. This program is funded by Highline College and thus the program can admit a wider-range of students than the federally funded TRiO program. Program functions and services are identical.

TRiO Expectations: Who Should Apply for TRiO or TRiO Achievers