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      Ay Saechao
      Associate Dean for Student Development  
      Retention and Conduct, &
      TRiO Director

      Office location: Building 6:158
      Phone: (206) 592-3303

      Program Manager
      Office Location: Building 6:163


      Blia Xiong
      Program Assistant
      Office location: Building 6:156

      Phone: (206) 592-3229



     Valerie Lambert
     TRiO Advisor
     Office location: Building 6:162
     Phone: (206) 592-3492

     Office Hours: Mon 9am-2:30pm,
     Tues 9am-3:30pm, Thurs 9am-2:30pm
       Eilleen Jimenez
       TRiO Achiever Advisor &
       Advising and Retention Specialist

       Office location: Building 6, Room 155                      

To schedule an appointment with any TRiO staff, please directly contact the TRiO staff you wish to meet with or contact Blia Xiong. Thank you!