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Winter 2017 Services, Events & Activities

UW Tacoma Campus Visit

Friday, January  20th, 1-5pm Tour the UW Tacoma campus and participate in a UW Tacoma Admissions Presentation with TRiO! Pick up a consent form in the TRiO Office.

TRiO Civic Leadership Conference

Friday, March 3rd
Breakfast and Lunch Provided
Sign Up By Completing a Consent Form. Pick Up a Form at the TRiO Office (One will be made available in mid-January)
Our TRiO students at Highline will be joining hundreds of other TRiO students from around the state to learning leadership skills. We'll be traveling to Central Washington University at Ellensberg.


Description: TRiO provides top-notch advising (academic, degree planning, financial aid, scholarship, transfer, mentorship & guidance)
Remember to setup time to meet with your TRiO advisor throughout the quarter.

TRiO Sponsored Courses

TRiO Offers classes to advance student success in transferring, academic skills and mathematics engagement. These courses are offered in Winter Quarter 2017 but you will need to register in these courses through your TRiO Advisor.  Acquire the Item Number for the course by speaking with a TRiO Advisor.

Math Success Seminar - Math 51 - 5 Credits
TRiO Transfer Foundations - SSER 120 - 2 Credits (Insructor - Ay Saechao)
TRiO Scholars Strategies - SSER 105 - 2 Credits (Instructor - Bopha Cheng)

TRiO One-on-One Tutoring Services

Monday - Friday
Math 71, 81, 91, 11, 146, 141, 142, 151, 152, 153 - Chemistry 121, 139, 161 - English and Writing - Psych 100
We offer individualized tutoring sessions exclusively for TRiO participants; there will be a new schedule and different subject areas each quarter. Each tutoring experience is unique and catered to meet your needs. All sessions include a tutor trained to provide in-depth explanations on hard concepts and assist with homework questions. This is a FREE service and available on a first-come, first-served basis. A weekly sign-up sheet with subject area is available at the TRiO office; hurry-in to save your spot. You must sign-up in advance to ensure tutor availability.

Math 111 & 146 Learning Lab

Math 111 Every Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm,

Math 146 Every Thursday 2:30-3:30pm
TRiO Math 111 & 146 students will have the opportunity to meet together on a weekly basis to support each others learning. Location: TRiO Center

Book Loan

The book loan program is a TRiO incentive only. In the beginning of each quarter, TRiO students can request a book loan from the TRiO Library or book(s) can be purchased if you are having financial issues. The book(s) are loaned out for the quarter only, the loan process requires an essay and contract. Please contact Blia Xiong to learn more about the program at 206-592-3229 or

Tech Loan

Our Technology Loan program is for TRiO students only. There are two options for Tech Loan program based on option 1 or 2. For questions please contact Blia Xiong at 206-592-3229 or

  1. Quarter Long - (Laptop/Calculator): Now you have the opportunity to loan out a Laptop and/or Calculator for the entire quarter. Yes, you heard right you can take the Laptop to your house. This process requires a contract and it’s on a first come first serve basis.
  2. TRiO Center Usage - iPad and Surface Pro TRiO Center Usage: If you only need to research or type a quick paper, we will still have software available in the TRiO Open space. You may check out these items and utilize them only in our space area. It’s also on a first come basis, you will just have to sign off on the Tech Loan list and check out the item using your Highline student card.

End of the Quarter Potluck

Date to be Determined
Location: TRiO Center