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TRiO Model for Student Success

TRiO provides comprehensive support services and resources to our participants. Our primary goal is to increase graduation and baccalaureate transfer rates for our students and to foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of TRiO eligible students.  We do this by building student competency in academic preparedness, community engagement, financial literacy, and transfer readiness.  The following is a breakdown of programming we offer in those areas.

Advising, Mentoring, & Coaching,

TRiO provides top-notch, holistic, and intensive advising covering the following areas (Career, Personal, Academic, Degree, Transfer, and Financial Aid & Scholarship) that promote your success at Highline and beyond. In addition, our TRiO Advisors serve as mentors and coaches to support, encourage and hold students accountable for their goals.

TRiO Tutoring

Individual and group tutoring services are available primarily in English and Math. Many of our tutors also tutor other subjects.


Our workshops cover many technical topics that can be addressed in a 1hour session: Basic Study and Test Taking Strategies, Using a Graphing Calculator, Applying for Scholarships, etc.

TRiO Sponsored Courses

TRiO offers three courses to teach students essential skills to succeed at Highline and beyond: Math Success Seminar, TRiO Scholars Strategies Course, and the TRiO Transfer Foundations Course.

University Campus Visits and Cultural Enrichment Activities

Each quarter TRiO visits a university within our state so that participants can speak with admission officers, learn about the college campus and build meaningful connections with other TRiO students. Some quarters also will include enrichment trips to museums and locations to expose our students to rich cultural experiences in our region.

Quarterly TRiO Community Events

Each quarter host large event to bring the TRiO students together to promote community and relationship building. New Student Experience Seminar: First-Generation Student Success, TRiO Kick Off Event, TRiO Civic Leadership Conference, TRiO End of the Year Celebration, Highline College Transfer Portfolio Review Day

Leadership Opportunity: TRiO Student Ambassadors

For TRiO students who wish to take on leadership roles to support TRiO, we encourage you to consider volunteering as a TRiO Student Ambassador to gain essential leadership skills and to give back.

Book Loan & Technology Loan

TRiO provides short-term and quarter-long loans for books and technological equipment (laptops, graphing calculators).

TRiO Student Center

TRiO has a location in Building 6 for students to study, connect with fellow TRiO students, meet with their TRiO tutor, speak with their TRiO Advisors, check-out laptops, have access to free printing (10 pages/week) or take a break from their studies.

TRiO Annual Awards

Every year we recognize our students and their achievements. From the TRiO Student of the Year Award, to a general TRiO Participant Award, we acknowledge all of our students who put effort into their success as a TRiO student.

Scholarship Search and Support

Each year our TRiO students earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship. We support our students as their search and apply for this challenging but rewarding task.

TRiO Voices Project

Our students have inspiring and powerful stories. Learn more about our students, their history, their goals and aspirations. For current TRiO students who are interested in this, we encourage you to sign up with the TRiO Voices Project to share your story.

Other Campus Resources

There are numerous other programs on campus that can help you succeed: Tutoring Center (Academic Success Center), Center for Leadership and Service, Counseling Services, Veterans Services Office, MESA, etc.

Internship Search

Internships help you gain skills and work experiece to add to your resume. Internship allow you to evaluate careers, organizations, and employers.